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I haven’t really tested this but I’m gonna asume it works.

How to make your blood crystal wyvren invincible (well, sota). So say you win a fight but your wyvren is damaged pretty badly Here is what you gotta do. It takes two people to pull this off. Have a tame that has A LOT OF HEALTH, set it on passive then unclaim it (make sure you don’t bite it or accidentally kill the tame with the breath). Next have a deaodon on passive healing while you are gaining health from the blood breath. Next force feed it for extra health. Although it’s not much health per feed, with all of the health buffs the wyvren is getting, it will help a lot, lastly this is optional or if you still need help but you are close to killing your tame, the deaodon, is running out of food, or the wyvren is running out of food. That’s when you use the snow owl heal ability. This is just a theory and if you want to test it out you can. If this was helpful and it worked, leave an ⬆️! Hope this saves your wyvren!!!

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