Crystallized Dragons

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Crystallized Dragons

The Crew: Hot Rod 2.0

Since Hot Rod didn’t last a day on the ARK, I tamed another red tropical crystal wyvren and named him Hot Rod 2.0. Yes it sounds a little dumb but hey, I wanted to name him that. Whirlpool was his role model and he wanted to be just like him, thought it’s hard to be like a crystal wyvren that is lvl 256 while he was a lvl 67. So yea you can say he was the runt of the wyvren party army. Although Whirlpool never liked it when Hot Rod acted like him. They were good friends. However, We lost Hot Rod 2.0 so some dang frogs. Once Whirlpool heard the news, he vowed to slaughter any frog he sees. Whether it’s a wild or an enemy’s tame or is new to the family, he will devour them. Rest In Peace Hot Rod 2.0 you were always the imposter. Did I forget, #Toast

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