Not hard to knock out, but you need prime meat or mutton to tame these cute guys. You have to be prepared before you tame a compy, and also slightly lucky. First, use a bird to pick up a compy. I would use a pteradon because they can pick up compys and quickly fly back to base. Then, drop it in a gaming pen or anyone inclosed inside your base. After that you need to look for a source of prime meat near your base, which is hard if your a low level or live somewhere like a beach. I useally do diplodocuses which take a while to kill but they don’t do damage. Finally, fly back to your base, be quick because the prime meat spoils after around 2 minutes. You can put it in your bird or a shoulder mount (make sure it’s a herbivore so it won’t eat the meat!) Go back to base and land in the pen where your wild compy is, take out the meat, and use a crossbow with a tranq arrow to knock out the compy, which useally only takes one arrow. Put your prime meat in him, and you have a new mini raptor!

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