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These may look weak but in packs they are really dangerous here is how I know so about a hour ago I was just walking to find some dilos to tame when there was a Dino stampede a compy came after me before I know it 15 compys were attacking me I died then then came back for my stuff they attacked me again so I had no choice but to run I ran super far but those compys still were after me so I saw a cliff and I did unthinkable…………I jumped off the cliff it was now raining so then when I jumped off the cliff I barely lost Health (luck I guess) but another lone compy chased me I went up a hill and was attacked by a dilophasaur so I jumped off another cliff and was attacked by another dilophasaur I ran into a swamp (all this happened in between south 3 and west 1)where two titanoboas and a sarco attacked me by then my stamina was gone and I just ran away but after a 2 minute chase they where gone (they went to eat a beaver yuck)I kept running for one second then looked around I was lost and cold and hungry I thought 💭 where am I?💭but I saw a raptor kill a para then it chased me I ran down a mountain (I was now in south 2)where raptors were everywhere in my last moments I saw a raptor kill two lystrosaurs then another one kill another para then that same raptor that had chased me pinned me down to the ground and broke my bones and devoured me.so the point is never underestimate small stuff they can get you into big trouble

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