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Scary story time! Because spook month.

So I was out gathering chitin and metal, and killed a pair of Compys with my Iguanadon. Then I logged for a few minutes and came back. To my horror, the bodies of the two compys were wriggling as though still alive when my game loaded back up. Figuring this might simply be a glitch, I hopped off Aladar (my Iguanadon’s name) and went over to harvest the two tiny dinos so as not to waste their meat and hide.

Finding that my axe and pick wouldn’t do anything, I was now decidedly unsettled. Thinking maybe it was just a weird glitch since I had logged off, I tried picking up one compy’s body and setting it back down.

That’s when it happened.

The Compy, FULLY DEAD mind you, simply ran away as though it were still alive, ragdolling and all. I watched it. It was terrifying.

Expecting the same result with the other compy, I picked it up and set it back down. This time I had better results, and was able to harvest meat and hide.

I looked for the first zombie-compy before I left. But the little pecker had disappeared from existence.

Be careful when you kill compys my friends, because they might just get up and run away.

-True Story by LavenderOtaku-

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