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how to tame: 3x size dodo, 32 behemoth gates, at least 960 large bear traps, at least 56000 shocking tranquilizer darts, 8000 bio toxin, and 45 ascendant long neck rifles.

1. Breed a giga at least 60 times.

2. cook super giga kibble with them.. (use fertilized egg) an 8x8 behemoth gate cube with a space for 3 behemoth gates.

4. Find a compy. they sometimes spawns at the shores but be careful they spawn in packs. (extremely rare)

4. when u find one, lure it to the gates. then when it get trapped place the 30th, the 31st, and the 32nd behemoth gate behind it.

5. start tranqing. (u might need to get a new rifle which u can get from lava cave)

6. feed 15x soothing balm and the 60 super giga kibble and look out for the 4 sec torpor.

7. yay u tamed it

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