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Compies are not actually useless, thanks to their small size... They're excellent base defense dinos if you tend to build bigger bases with lots of walls and doors as I do. After breeding some for melee and health, I have a pretty solid family of lvl 280-300 compies in my base. They don't get in the way, and are set up like sentries on aggressive. They can even fit in between forges and other internal structures, and creating a few false rooms filled with compies is a good surprise for raiders.

On two occasions these things have saved my resources

First time, someone broke all the way into my forge room, where I have 6 compies stationed between the forges, with only the one furthest back on aggro, the others on neutral. The moment the one aggrod, they all ran out and while 2 died, they killed the raider and I was able to revive and replace my doors and throw out a cryopodded giga.

Second time, someone came to a split hallway and chose the room filled with compies... Rip lol.

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