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So, have you planned your trip to an island off the coast to look for other or TEK Dinos? Finally built that raft after fighting off troodons? Saw a dino you didn’t have or a mate for your other Dino? The trip there was easy, so surely it will be easy going back, no? Forgot to make them β€˜stay’ and they fell into their water when you stopped to look at the alluring cyan glow? Still hear them zapping your newly tamed dino, drowning it without a care in the world? WELL THEN, HAVE I GOT THE SOLUTION FOR YOU!! ^*speaks very fast* not reliable if you lose your flying mount, fall off your flying mount, your mount can’t pick up the one you wanted^. First off, you need a flyer. If you have one already, good on you, and if you don’t then tame any flying mount ASAP after this informmcial. You need to have a saddle for it as well. Go over to whatever island your wanted dino is on. Command your flight companion to pick up the dino and fly it to your home!

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