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You are the accumulation of the most vile substances ever to be spouted forth from the greasy loins of Hades. You seep of putrid filth from the gutter of a homeless man’s taint. Every time I look in your general direction, I vomit in my mouth and pray for the sweet release of death. Your yuppie f*cking smirk tweaks me to drench a thousand innocent puppies in gasoline and set them ablaze like the bowels of the inferno from whence you came. Let the dark pits of hell swallow you up and sodomize you with the grainiest sandpaper on the scorched surface of earth. In the name of all f*cking things holy, don’t you ever dare procreate, because if you do, so help me god I will wipe out every tiny allele of your genetic information from the pungent shitstain that is this planet. Until the end of time I will scour the earth for all that you love and dice it into bloody, meaty bits. The mere thought of your petty existence brings tears to my eyes, and summons up a relentless fury inside me that’s sole purpose is to make you rue the day that you were conceived on that contaminated dormroom floor upon which your parents so sweatily f*cked. On dark nights when the crescent moon shines and the crickets chirp, I lie awake and contemplate the base and depraved ways I will make your life a living hell until the end of time. When you speak, each time your sleazy mouth flickers open, I do not process your impotent words, yet only seize it as another god-given opportunity to bash your teeth down your moist, scummy gullet. Every movement you make, every single f*cking involuntary twitch makes me hate you with more burning passion than the last. I resent you with every ounce of my being; and in the end, with all the strengths inside me, regardless of what cancerous cells overcome my body, or the decrepit condition my aging figure has been reduced to, I will fight to stay alive so I can laugh maliciously in my head as your family whimpers over your untimely demise.

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