So I’m taking a dip in the sea, see three megalodons and whistle my lvl 215 spino that I obtained at a very early level to attack them. This spino is my prize… the Apple of my Ark eye. Anyway, I see three idiot blue jellies WAY FAR AWAY rise up to attack my spino. My spino is just circling the megs and trying to kill them. Little does it know that an electric death awaits it. I sat there in horror, sure that my beautiful spino would die, but(and it is a huge and relieving but), my spino kills the megs just in time, and comes to shore. I ended up getting some biotoxin at the end of the trip, too! All good. BUT BE CAREFUL THEY WILL KILL YOUR LEVEL 215 SPINO. I’ve lost many tames already. The only reason I’m telling you guys this is because there is hope. Good luck, fellow survivors🫡

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