I hate these things.

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I hate these things.

On my first ever time playing ark I was amazed by everything.

Once when exploring the beach(I had progressed a little by then) I saw a Megalodon stuck in a reef. I ran home got tranqs and tamed it.

It was low level but it was amazing to me. I brought it home and often used it to get to herbivore island. One day I was on my way home looking for the green tags of my tame’s but there was one missing, my megalodons who I had named sharpedo. When I got to where it used to be(which was hard to get to for any other water creatures, I saw a megalodon bag). At first I thought it was sharpedo’s but I saw no death message so I dove into the water and looked further. I got to one of those spots where the land seems to just drop away and saw something in the distance. I had already had trouble with cinardria and knew what they could do. I saw a shark stuck with three cinardria and realized that it was my shark. They were to far out to be helped but I tried to shoot them anyways. Suddenly the shark stoped having the electricity animation and I got the death message β€œSharpedo lv 26 was killed by cinardria lv 40”.

Sorry for all those who have lost loved tamed to these creatures too.

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