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If the piranhas they say are some of the most annoying, these bastards are deadly af. Mantas pierce through armour, shred it, while these guys stun you. Include the piranhas, and omae wa mou shindeiru. Best bet is Basilosaurus, or decent levelled mosa ( not recommended as shock attacks are the weakness of the mosa) and tusoteuthis, because of the attack range. I hunt these down to total extinction, then gladly save up the bio toxin they drop for giga, royal griffin ( I play on mobile so...) or taming of other whatnot thingys. If you want to kill these early game, as they are seen on the shore quite easily, just grab a few spears and/or pikes then slaughter these bastards. Lure them by walking until swim mode into the water, then depending on your movement speed go backpedal to the shoreline. This will successfully lure them near you and you can slaughter them as you please without endangering you or your mount.

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