So I was standing there.

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So I was standing there... Considering to myself man life would be badass with a mag just starting about a few days ago And so I did what I thought and the other person would do. I grabbed my itchy I swam to the depths of ocean and I finally found me a meg! I lured it to the surface, grabbed out my rifle, and filled it with tranqs. And then I remembered something... HMM... Those cnidaria have been a real pain in my butt recently so I'm going to go kill one because on the app shark world evolved the megalodon could eat anything... So I decided to give it a try. I make the saddle put it on my beautiful mag that I named big Bertha. (It was a female.) And not too far from my starting base there were some cnidaria. So I said the big birthday you ready for some lunch time? And I charge at them full force. (Now they were pretty far down in the ocean to the point where my 02 bar was 1/4 gone already just getting to them.) So I yell CHAAAAARGE!!! AND I MAKE MY WAY TOWARDS THE CNIDARIA. But then I decided to put a hold on Uno reverse card on me And I get knocked off my leg. At this point I'm thinking ( oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot!!!!!)I pull out my pistol and try to shoot them but then I remember I can't shoot them underwater, then I try mounting my Meg and getting out of there the jellyfish didn't allow me. Finally I tried stabbing them with the pike But they just electrocuted me and then I was motionless. I had to stand there and just watch my big Bertha be electrocuted to death due to my ignorance... And then those STINKERS came after me. And I was able to join big Bertha in her resting place. Thanks for reading this far if you made it if you liked it you know what to do☝️. And I hope this inspired you to know that your first megalodon is not invincible. Have fun on ark

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