The Stinger: Chapter One

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The Stinger: Chapter One


Cast of characters

Isabella (Human)

Cargo (Otter)

Stinger (Cni)



Isabella:“Hey look what I tamed pretty cool right!”

Fona: Yeah I guess,

Isabella: Thanks! I’m going for a swim

Fona: Be careful

Isabella went into the water noticing a strange glowing light

Isabella mind: WOW!

Fona: WAIT! Carful there’s an cni in there

Isabella: What’s a cni?

Fona: It can easily kill you and your otter

Isabella: I will keep my otter on the shore and give my stuff to it!

Fona: ...

Isabella goes for a swim after putting her stuff away she assumes it’s not so bad the cni starts swimming to her and electrocutes her

Isabella: HELP!!!

A sarco was swimming in the water and attacked the cni Isabella was able to get out fona was thinking of killing her otter and taking all her good stuff Isabella grabbed her otter and went to her base while fona was jealous that she had more stronger animals

Isabella: Should I trade my snow owl (lvl 105) for a theriz lvl 122

Fano: I wish I had theriz lvl 122

Isabella: I’m sure you’ll get one I have a dilo for collecting raw prime meat but it doesn’t collect a lot

Fano: Uhm no.

Isabella: okay I’m gonna use my mantis to collect some oil see yah later!

Fano: Wait! Can you give me a gigan

Isabella: Sorry I don’t give stuff for free

Fano: I have a compy?


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