Well this is the story of how these guys has shown me a better side of them self and saved me from a raider..... it was a misty afternoon and I was sailing my boat to graigs island, then I saw a stranger on the shore and I sailed to her to say hello( a good advise to noobs.... never say hello to strangers in pvp games it will not end well๐Ÿ˜) but as soon as my boat touched land she came to me an nocked me out! Luckily I could respawn and get my boat back( but this is not the end of the story) I came to my boat and repaired it getting some supplies, crying over the loss of my beloved dodo๐Ÿ˜ข(rest in peace) and then I saw that stupid person again! ( itโ€™s incredible that she wanted to raid me again after all the things that she had already done to me!)I hurried back to the boat and sailed into the water( I would not make the same mistake again) and she followed me into the water I just reached to escape her spears the only reason I did was the cniadaras! She could not reach me! Thanks.

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