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I just found an easier way to tame these, (but only if you have 40 or more amber)

Step 1: Buy Major Soothing Balm.

Step 2:Be sure that you are wearing ghillie armor and be sure to have your tamed animals steer clear of the Chalicotherium of whom you are about to tame.

Step 3: Have at least one full stack of stimberries (if you use Major Soothing Balm on them they won’t start to lose taming progress even though your feeding them at any point).

Step 4: Walk up to the Chalicotherium in question as close as you can without angering it, and when in range, rub some Major Soothing Balm on their back. They love that!

Step 5: With your Chalicotherium all soothed and relaxed by the Major Soothing Balm, feed it one stimberry, and then wait a while, whilst closely following it until it gets hungry. Feed it another one and repeat, with the intervals now being much shorter. If you follow these instructions you should have a Chali without needing any beer! E-Z! (If you have 40+ amber)

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