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Are tired of getting killed and getting blinded by chalicotherium?

Today i have some few tips for u guys, first of lets prepare the food ur gonna need from most effective to least effective:

Beer, im not pulling ur leg off, this creature ONLY loves beer, chalicotherium usually found on cold biomes or around beaches...to tame this ur gonna need a beer barrel which can be learn at level 36.

U can make beer liquid with thach and 50 berries

In the beer barrel, put the thach and berries in there and wait for a an hour to make one beer liquid.

U can make beer jar by putting water jar in the beer barrel and it will make a beer jar. I reccomend make 10 or 15 beer jar just incase, now to tame this ur gonna need 5 stone dinosaur gate way with door on it. Now lure the chalicotherium to the dino gate way and then close the door before the chalicotherium escape and feed the chali until its tamed, now this tip more cheaper than the previous one, ur gonna need 4 wooden foundations, 8 wooden walls and 2 wooden ramps, if the chali is mad u can reset its aggresion by quit to the main menu and rejoin back, the last tip i want u to use ghillie set ghillie set makes u invicible and hard to spot follow the chali from its back and crouch, and keep feeding it until its tamed.

Now for bonus info...chalicotherium saddle can be learn at level 42, the primary attack is bite attack the secondary attack is claw attack and the third attack is throwing giant stone, they can throw stone at long range if u aim down,

Thats i got for the tips, and have ur selfs a very good day.

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