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So what I usually do in single player is build stone walls making a square shape, get and argyle grab them drop them in this keeps them safe from predators and from them escaping, just do and extra wall on top to be sure, then build a storage box where I have boLas, whenever I need their loot I just Bola them as this can last for about 30 seconds get your bird which will carry the loot in first stop them in the enclosure, then Bola or tranq them out which tranq in is more better especially if you have more than 2 and you can do this outside of the enclosure which is highly recommended because these guys cannot Destory stone once mobilized or tranq out get what you need fast and get out these guys torpor drop very quickly, and a very special note it's best to build the enclosure and leave these guys where you find them as they will have less chance of despairing don't waste your time taming these guys you get so much more resources when they are wild from their dams.

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