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Taming is stupid if you only play a little bit at a time this is not the one for you. just got done taming a 145 lv and it took one and a half stack of narcotics and two stacks of bio toxin and you have to stay with it the hole time I fed it with corn and it took 2 1/2 hrs to tame last one I will ever do and the taming on mine is set at 2x it is 1:27 am and my ass is going to bed I almost feel asleep taming it so if you don't have the time don't do it I could have took my two birds and got as much wood in the time it took to tame it just take a bird and pick it up away from the dam and take the wood from there just leave one stack so it will come back and put more in. Like so ppl will see this have fun. Oh and now it a level 188 after taming it so I better get my wood out of it for my time. Thanks everyone for the like

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