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So here I am, 2AM, can’t sleep. Just flying around seeing what I see. Barely left base and the Don’tasaurus (yes I spelled that how I wanted) is in the same spot for a third day in a row, so o say to myself, “self, let’s make some behemoth gateways a bear trap and give it a shot. Got the trap in place then realized there was nothing close to kill and bring. So what’s a guy to do? Kill some baby rexes.

There I am on my don’tasaurus finally killing stuff for the taming bar to go up and wouldn’t you know it, the server cut out. It’s not even my normal reset night.

Finally get logged back in I’m off the don’tasaurus, but he’s still got a clock, so we jump back on and he’s at 85%. Then the timer ran out and had to high tail it out of there.

PS idc if you thumbs up or down this just wanted to share.

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