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I don’t really like real life carcharodontosaurus but it’s ark is adding it I would like to talk about it (No negativity) also carcharodontosaurus is in my top 10 favorites so it’s still cool

First I want to start out with saying I don’t believe this is a giga reskin, just a big theropod that is being added to ark.

It would be cool if we finally had an animal that could kill wild gigas with ease so if this is gonna be powerful like that it would be cool. The problem with that thought would mean that it would be op wild to and maybe even stronger wild so we should probably get rid of that thought (not carcars. Don’t get rid of carcars) or cry when we get out butts kicked by carcars. I think this is also gonna be a great addition to ark cause they added spinosaurus it’s almost natural enemy so maybe the carcar may actually be weaker than spino but builds up rage overtime. This is unlikely though because wild spinos are really weak if not high level. Imagine if it has bleed to, it could be a op giga killer or boss fighter. The problem with that is both it may be nerfed the day it comes out and what if it couldn’t go into the boss arena. It could be a great base raider too because of its sheer power. Imagine if it could break tek… scary! Imagine you get this by accident as a lvl 10- and just kill anything in sight the whole play through. Also taking this to maps such as extinction. It could be perfect for titan killers because it gets stronger over time and it may have bleed. Anyways that’s it for now if you read this far thanks so much


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