The Killer Turtles

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The Killer Turtles

I was about Lvl 15, maybe even higher then that. I wanted to tame on of these guys. I brought my lvl 52 Dilosaur. I found a lvl 3. I shot one with my bow to get its attention and it hated that idea. It had called a friend to help it but I still wasn’t scared. I had a 52 Dilo. Nothing could go wrong. I was stupid enough to think throwing a bola would work. It didn’t work and I had to attempt to use my club. I failed and died. I thought my Dilo manage so I ran back towards the spot where I died. SOMEHOW a Trike started helping the stupid turtles and my Dilo died. It wasn’t even a high level.

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with turtles or your screwed

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