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Best caver for mobile, especially for the lava cave. Their jump ability is insane, and in mobile (at least, i don’t know for the other versions) they do not take fall damage. One problem though, when they’re swimming they can’t attack, so a pike or a harpoon at the ready would be useful for such cases. Remember to ALWAYS TAME A HIGH LEVEL ONE, it is worth the risk. Lvls 100+ are what you should go for. If you tame high level ones, no matter what cave you enter they’re not your match. Megalosaurus? Easy. Arthro? Snipe them while riding this guy, and this guy can endure arthropleuras as well, even with their return attacks. Araneos? Useless punks even this guy is much better than a shotgun, even a pump action. Need cementing paste but fear the beavers? Just go to the swamp, kill something, then let those neuras swarm up. In one sweep they’re all cementing paste. Want to swoop in a cave then take put the artifact as fast as possible? Use this guy. Warning, only recommended for the swamp cave, middle chamber, and the cave of the hunter on mobile. Also forgot to mention this makes the lava cave very easy, moreso on mobile with an easy to acquire ascendant sword. Bats? Slice ‘em up. Dilos in the lava cave? Use this guy’s sweep. Scorpions and araneos again? Just sweep them all. Btw when you tame a high lvl one it’s guaranteed that their melee dmg and health are not so low that they’d die in one hit. So you can leisurely put those levels into weight, which helps out a lot if you seriously need obsidian.

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