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Besides the Karkinos, the Beelzebufo is the most fun you can have with an animal. For such a seemingly simple creature, the frog has so much love put into it. If you don't have access to snails for cementing paste, the frog is for you. If you kill Meganeuras, Titanomyrmas, Jug Bugs, or Glowbugs, you can harvest cementing paste from them. They also have a realistic life cycle. Even though the tadpole phase is just the butt outstretched, it is still cool to see metamorphosis in ARK. Frogs aren't stupid fast, but they are decent for transport, especially in the water. And lastly, their jump is only matched by the Procoptodon, Karkinos, (possibly) Iguanodon, and Ice Titan. With such a high jump, it is able to scale walls easily. Overall, the frog is an extremely useful and fun animal. Oh and to tame it, just bola it, knock it out, and feed it any meat or Regular Kibble and above. It is extremely easy to tame for such a useful creature.

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