Recent update/fix? causes the Basilisks to lose agro after a period of time. So taming high levels can end up being problematic, especially on single rates. If this happens or cant keep its attention, lure into a 4x9x3 pen.

Use a stone gate on the other end so u and ur rav can escape and stone door ways, three high, filling the two open foundations next to the dino gateway. You can stand, sit on ur rav or use a glow pet OUTSIDE of pen on the door way side. I put my pet in a foundation incase it spit(it never did).

It seems the basilisk has a β€œbasket” range it can reach eggs out of. I tamed a 145 in this trap, 10eggs plus 2 for error so 12 eggs, 3 wide four spaces deep(inside)starting at the head of the trap(stone gate end). 145 vday, single rates, Official.

Note: I used beh get sets on the length part for walls, incase i would have to let it out and reset or got stuck on my rav.

Another post mentioned 4m 20s eat time, I saw the same, some variations but mostly on time.

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