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Many people think I’m vicious, unfriendly, and dangerous. However, I’m really just angry I can’t get any good type of cuisines. Survivors just make up the lost nutrients! I crave a good exotic dish. I never have time to go scavenge for them however (Fine, I’m just too lazy to get them myself), and hence why I will love anyone or anything that would give me these. As a part of the Serpentes family (Snake family), I love eggs. For my preferences, fertilized ones. However, I need something with more punch for my larger (and more hazardous) digestive system. There are 3 specific flavor types I love. Radioactivity charged tanged egg with a mild rocky flavor, a very spicy but melts on the tongue kick, and finally, a crunchy, bitter electronic, but still very flavorful, metallic egg. (Hey, don’t look at me like that, everyone has different taste preferences!) Of course, this is the rock drake, magmasaur, and voidwyrm fertilized eggs. Please, I’ll love you forever if you feed me these. (I might think of you some random attacker when I first see you, so please avoid my eye contact and drop the eggs for me, don’t worry, I’ll find out who got me this treat later) Thank you tasty- I mean generous survivors for reading this!

Love from your favorite snake friend,


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