You can make a simple small trap using 1 stone foundation and 4 stone dino gates. Place 3 gates down on 3 sides of the foundation and kite it in, then place the 4th gate down to lock it in. You do not need the doors, just the gate frame.

For the best results the basilisk MUST stay aggroed the entire process. Walk around the trap on foot or keep a small dino near by to keep aggro. You will lose eff if it de-aggros. Ravagers are great for this as they are semi tanky and highly resistant to their torpor bite.

The eggs MUST be tossed from the players inventory and if taming with a tribemate, the eggs must be tossed from the same players inventory. Dropping eggs from dinos or multiple players will confuse the basilisk and it will refuse to eat. Pick up all eggs and re-drop from the original player to fix.

You MUST stay in render range. Leaving render will burrow the basilisk. If it burrows in the foundation it will get stuck and be untamable.

Finally, the time between eating can be quite long. Between 2-5minutes. Dont worry if it takes too long to eat. If you feel its taking too long try picking up all eggs and try dropping them closer. It may be trying to eat an egg it cant reach. You CAN drop all eggs at once or one at a time but make sure it can reach every single egg otherwise it will get stuck and wont eat any eggs. It eats the eggs in order they were dropped. Try to kill off any dinos that may accidentally walk by and attack the basilisk. If taming in the red zone, have a cryopod ready as tamed basilisks take radiation damage.

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