-|The Spino|- a love story

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-|The Spino|- a love story


-Death (wild Spino)- Gay

-salt (wild Spino)- Gay


*Death has been chasing Salt for a hour. He has him pinned to the floor*

Salt: haha! You got me!

Death: dang right! Next time, go a little slower.

Salt: heh...

Death: is something wrong?

Salt: uhm... *He starts blushing* your in a... Sertain position where it...

Death:... Oh uh... Sorry! I do that sometimes

Salt: no no! It's fine. *He sits up, looking into deaths beautiful, soft blue eyes*

Death: soo... Wanna play truth or dare?

Salt: sure!

*They play for almost a hour. Then they get to the important questions*

Death: Truth or dare?

Salt: truth.

Death: uhm... Do you like someone?

Salt: ...

*Salt gets worried. He's afriad because he doesn't know if death is gay or not*

Salt: I like... You.

*Death starts blushing*

Death: oh... I like you too salt.

Salt: really?

Death: yes.

Salt: does this make us... More than friends?

Death: I... Guess so.

Salt: do you want to... I don't know..

*Death leans in and kisses salt*

Salt: Oh! I didn't know you where gay!

Death: for you? Yes.

Salt: I love you death.

*Salt jumps on death*

-End if chapter 1-

Hit the arrow pointing to the sky for chapter 2!

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