“Woah what is this?

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“Woah what is this?” The survivor stares at the black sky speckled with white dots and streaks of green and blue. Almost like staring into a painting. It’s almost unreal. The survivor creeps toward the edge of the bridge. They reach out to touch the blue wall made of hexagons. “ OH SH*T!” The survivor falls through the seemingly solid wall shutting their eyes in fear as they plummet into the endless abyss. Or so they think. The survivor opens one eye. “Oh.” The survivor is astonished at the sight that they are making an incredibly slow decent to a nearby chunk of rock covered in crystals. The survivor starts “swimming” in the void in an attempt to explore. They look to their left and see streaks of blue, green, and red in a beautiful show of light. There’s this thing residing within this show of light but the survivor can’t quite make it out. They slowly make their way to the mystery creature. Eventually the survivor makes it to the mysterious creature. They get close enough to make out what the mysterious creature is. “What is that?” The survivor sees this creature with the body of an ichthyosaur, and a coelacanth.

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