This is the story of how I met Astro, the most playful, and majestic astrodelphis of them all.

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This is the story of how I met Astro, the most playful, and majestic astrodelphis of them all. It all started when I was relaxing in genesis part 2, not a care in the world. I was on a PvP server, and relaxing wasn’t tolerated. A wild player stormed into my base, lv 314 giga and all. My base was razed to the ground, along with most of my dinos. Innocent otters, and maywings alike were slaughtered. When I returned to my base, I was devastated at the massacre. A rage built in me, I had to get revenge. I traveled to the corner of the map where I hid my emergency supplies, and got to work.

I was in the space biome, gathering materials for my plot of revenge. While I was mining element nodes, I heard a high pitch chirp. I turned around to see a lone astrodelphis, floating to me. It started attacking, like it was angry at the world. I looked at it straight in the eye. “I see we both have angers at the world.”, I said to it as I dodged it. “How about we take our angers out together?” The dolphin lessened it’s attacks, and I fed it element. After a while later, I finally gained its trust. “I’m not that good with names…”, I said to my new friend. The astrodelphis chirped as if it was annoyed, like it ment, “I don’t care” A simple, but decent name came into my mind. “How about Astro?” Astro chirped again. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

A week later, and my plot for revenge was in motion. I managed to find the enemy tribe’s base, and I was getting soakers ready. Astro was armed with a fresh tek saddle, and had a flame in his eye as he looked at the opposing base. “You ready for the attack?”, I asked him. Astro whistled and clicked. “Ok! Let’s begin.” I advanced the soakers forward, and a rain of bullets started to shower on us. After retreating some of the soakers, and replacing them, the turrets finally ran out of ammo. I withdrew all the soakers, and moved the attack squad into position. Rexes, spinos, shadowmanes, and Astro were part of this. Enemy players and dinos rushed out of the base to defend. I mounted Astro, and gave him a pep talk. “Finally the time Astro. The moment we seek glory and get revenge on the enemy!” Astro chirped a mighty battle cry and we soared into battle. Bombs exploded below, and entire walls of metal were collapsing to the ground. Enemy players and dinos alike were run over, eaten, and blown to bits by my team. At the end of the battle, their base was just a skeleton of what it used to be, and the enemy was retreating. We have won!

A huge party followed after our victory, including fireworks, cake, and a game of tag! Me and Astro shared a toast to the ones who died in the battle, and shared another toast to more victories in the future.

To this day, Astro still raids bases with me, and he is the only Dino that survives base wipes by other players. He developed a mighty taste of blood! I hope you all liked my story, I’ll see you all at the battle field!

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