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They are the best creature for ark. They are great if u upgrade them and they have a smithy on them. Upgrade it’s weight stamina health and melee damage. Mine killed a level 50 giga very fast. They are great for traveling but avoid water so u don’t fall into and have to go to shore and wistle follow. Allways bring them for tames and set there behaviour to attack only conscious. Then u may tame it from off its back and set it next to ur tamed animal then put him down so if anything attacks ur untamed u can attack it and ur Argentavis will kill it. Their stamina is amazing so u can travel across the map and they are pretty fast. They can carry a lot of weight so u can go on metal trips and carry it back on them. If u are on a online server these still apply but online these are also amazing creatures because u can live on it basally because all u need is one shelter and then u can set ur tame there after ur online.

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