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Argy's are a great tame to get, if you get a saddle from a drop at a low level, immediatly get yourself an argy, it has an INSANE amount of uses which I will list:

1.You can use it to harvest organic poly (use sword or club to kill penguins, transfer poly to argy, has less weight reduction than pela, but has more total weight than pela)

2(ARK mobile only). These guys(along with quetzals) are the only real way to transport dinos. Chronicling them costs essence (expensive) and there's no crypods. Tape and Pter can carry very small dinos only.

3. Metal gathering. These boyos have a reduction on ingots and straight up metal, and you can use it to carry an anky(which harvests and has more weight reduction for pure metal)

4. Combat. Due to their ability to pick up dinos, you can pick up high level dinos and carry them to a turret area (pvp) and players(more dangerous bc shotgun, must i say more? They can also attack the dino they are carrying, which lets you farm something like parasaurs easier. They can also be used to airdrop certain dinos *coughs in level 500 arthropluera* onto enemy bases or tanky dinos into turrets *coughs in lvl 300 carbenomys*

5. Taming. As mentioned in the combat section, they're able to carry dinos, which lets you pick up high level dinos*coughs in max lvl wild arthropluera(i like arthros, can you tell?)* And take them to a safer place(for you safari tamers) or a pen to ko them and tame them

-Your local ARK Mobile player, H12

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