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Hello im hawk the argy. Today i will show you my species utility information thingy-

It is a highly reccomended tame to middle game or half middle game players, but since its saddle lvl 62 it may needed some grinding! (Accidently tamed a lvl 1 argy so i repeatedly spam my points on movement speed)

Since its weight reduction of metal its very usefull! It can be your new best freind but it cant travel in caves so i still reccomend bary if u wana do cave hunting or exploring.

How to tame them with no traps!

get ur pt or just travel in the red woods or mountains to find argy’s but becarefull it has saber tooth’s and scorpions there! Id you find one make sure to make ur distance but u can just run far from it while its chasing you since it has the speed of a walking pt.. Once its knocked out feed it stego kibble (mob) Or prime meat! If you tamed it already and its a female. Lucky! Bc making argentavis kibble can tame a spino easily!!

Ok thats all up if this helped you learn. *Flies away to the spino section* (pls check it)

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