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Can we talk about how the Argentavis are one the few flyers that don’t get a boost in speed after being tamed? For example every wild flyer is at 100% speed the normal speed, and if you knock out and tame a pteranodon then check their speed, it goes from 100% to 136% giving a 36% boost in speed just for being tamed. With the Argentavis even after being tamed it remains at 100% giving no boost😭 a fast Argentavis would be a completely game changer so that’s why they don’t give it a boost🥲 my current Argentavis is sitting at a 216% speed (that’s with a boost) and it’s faster than a wild Tapejara and that’s pretty fast. So if you’re gonna really invest into any Argentavis, it’s better if that argentavis is a fully imprinted one because with a full imprint it’s gives a 20% boost in health, weight, damage, and SPEED. That way you put less points into speed and add them mainly into weight because they’re great at transporting thing with the weight reduction. Anyways that’s all you mainly want to know about their speed.

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