I added 2 of the same chapters on accident.

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I added 2 of the same chapters on accident.. whoops! The newest one will be what we are continuing on.

Shadow Hawk the agrentavis chapter 3: I could fly again! I got out of the way but couldn't exit. We had to either die or kill it. I tried attacking it but it was made of metal! The gigas and rexes were doing damage. I had the human in my claws. Making sure he didnt fall. I flew up high and watched the chaos. Dodging meteors left and right! There were innocent creatures corrupted... we had to destroy this creature to save the ark! I distracted it while the dinos did damage. The human threw glowing blue balls which made more gigas appear. The human signalled me to land. Which of course I went to a safe spot to land. He threw a tapajara out. I flew with it. (Chapter. Coming soon lOl)

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