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To the person who's having trouble with their argy egg: You can also just incubate the egg when it's nightime, if you live on the beach. When the egg gets too cold, Pull out a torch. When it eventully says the torch is too cold, put it away and light a nearby campfire or standing torch. Once it says that's too hot, put out the campfire or standing torch and pull out the torch. Once that's too hot, put away the torch and let it incubate. Once it's too hot again, take the egg and wait for nighttime again, and repeat until the egg is hatched. Note: At the start of the night, you won't need a torch, the egg will incubate automatically. This works, that's how i hatched my twin males. It's a long strategy, but if you live on the beach you might not want to go all the way to the dangerous arctic to hatch your egg. Hope this helps!

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