Behavior: Aggressive

The Argentavis is the bully of the sky. It is find on every map, but Abbreviation (I probably misspelled that). It is recognizable by it’s giant eagle structure, while it’s a giant vulture. It comes in pretty colors, but don’t be fooled, it will think your a McDonald advertisement Big Mac. Once tamed, it was but one of your most useful mounts. It has great energy and can kill medium dinos with ease. It also regains health fast if it eats a corpse, which make it a great battle bird. Not to mention the fact it can carry medium dinos in it’s talon and small ones in it’s beak. If you want to tame one, it was be worth your time.


You will need: 5 wooden/stone dinosaur gateways, 2 wooden/stone dinosaur gateway doors, 1 crossbow/longneck, Tranq arrows/darts, and taming food (Mutton is recommended)

Pre-make the trap by spacing the gateways in a way so you can get out but the argy can’t. Add the doors.

I will be referring to the island for locations

First, go to the volcano and find the argy you desire

Second, get it’s attention by shooting it

Third, make it follow you into the trap

Fourth, shut the doors

Lastly, Knock it out and feed it the taming food

Happy taming!


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