Whoever said that archaeopteryx is not technically a dinosaur and that no dinosaurs have been discovered with feathers, you are dead wrong. Archaeopteryx is the closest link to both birds and dinosaurs, and modern birds today are technically classified as dinosaurs, scientifically speaking. Also, modern birds did not exist long before dinosaurs. Archaeopteryx was the earliest known creature that could be classified as a bird. Dinosaurs had been around for about 80 million years before archaeopteryx. Also, many dinosaurs have been discovered or theorized to have feathers. Humans didn’t β€œput them on,” many theropod Dinos had feathers, proving that they are related to birds. The many feathered dinosaurs found at that site in China were not β€œmade.” They we’re well preserved by volcanic ash in the area. It has been scientifically proven that dinosaurs had feathers, and evolved into birds. Don’t lie.

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