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When I moved to herbivore island thing were lonely for me.the only tame I had with me was my ptredon named bob.i saw several parasaurs and triceratops but no other dinos I wanted to tame.then one day I was out gathering materials to repair some armour and saw this boi. I immediately thought it was a good tame and started beating it with my club.unfortantly it broke my club just as I knocked it out so now I had to repair that.i quickly started stuffing berries in its inventory and occasionally punching it to keep it asleep.eventaully it was tamed and it was my favourite tame!until I took him hunting...anklo the anklo was killed by a mother beeping rex while hunting luckily I killed the rex and I swore revenge.now I kill as many rexes as possible.thank you for reading this.please updoot and have a great day.UwU

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