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How to tame a anky!! :O

This Guide applies to The Island only.

First of all, let’s talk about the utilities of a Anky. They are amazing metal gatherers! It also has a weight reduction to metal. So any time you run out of metal, (which for me i run out of metal all the time) use an anky!

Now here is what you need to tame one:

- 10-20 Tranq arrows and a bow/crossbow (varies on the level)

-Berries and/or kibble

A couple notes about taming:

You won’t need any bolas, but if you want you could bring a big bear trap. Even though it’s unnecessary.

Also It’s torpor drops really slowly. So narcotics aren’t usually needed.


Now you maybe be wondering, where do I find this dude? One spot is on herbivore island. It’s way on the right side of the island. On your map it sticks out in the ocean. Another place is the Red Woods. And only go there if you are DESPERATE. It is near the area where the swamps and red woods meet. There are tons of other spots and you can find them on YouTube

Now how do you tame a anky?

Well once you have gathered all of your items you will need need to find your anky, shoot it and walk backward while shooting your tranqs. It won’t take very many tranqs, depending on the level. But then its knocked out! Now feed the berries or kibble of your choice and boom! You have a anky!!

My name is Etheral and my last tip was on the Carno!

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