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Put the anklylosaurus and quetzal on the volcano to get lots of metal and obsidian (and crystals if you need them). To get the most goods out of a metal run pick the ankylo up with the quetzal and then just swing. The anklylo will get encumbered really quickly but the quetz won't so get more goods. Also I believe there is a way to get all the metal in one run without the quetzal gaining weight but it requires a platform saddle on the quetzal. If you did it right picking up and dropping the anklylo will put it on a ceiling and you can fly with it without picking it up. I think I know the way but I can't explain how it is done in words. If you did this with a player you won't get as much metal and you have to stop afterwards cause you won't collect anymore when hitting the rock. And a anklylo alone would take longer to get the same amount of metal and it will take awhile to get all of it to base(for me and people who has there home far from the volcano)

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