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First ankys are good at gathering metal but you sill get a set amount of metal from a node. 220% is fine anything more than points in that is a waste. People have for years not understood that.

Second keep all the metal on your anky never transfer while mining. Ankys have reduced weight carrying ore whatever dino you use to carry the anky with dont transfer the ore.

Third its better to have a low level anky and low level argent than no anky at all.

Fourth the best place to get metal by far is abberation using crabs to carry your anky you can get tens of thousands of metal ore in 30 minutes its just insane.

Fifth again anything over 220% melee is a waste in skill points I would recommend 220% melee the rest HP a dead anky isnt good to anyone.

Thats my experience in around 4k hours all solo pvp official player trust me I know!!!

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