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For the mid-game players [ARK MOBILE] slightly teetering towards the noob side, specifically if you have already reached Level 35 and up, I highly recommend flying/swimming to Herbivore Island (it is on the SouthEast side of the map {I’m not good with coordinates but it’s at around 82,84}. It’s separated by a chunk of land infiltrated by the Megalodon (so you need to either have a strong swimmer Dino or a flier). You can tame it there safely as there are NO LAND PREDATORS, just don’t aggro the herbivores by accident. Once you tame it, just fly or swim back to your base and Request the Dino and it will teleport to you. Easy! This advice is for people who are still intimidated by taming due to aggressive predators ALWAYS near the Anky in the mainland. For Bonus Points: Sometimes Mantas killed by the Megalodon will end up on shore so free fish meat! I hope this helps someone, have a great day!

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