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How to get a lot of metal with ankys.

1. Early game tame multiple. One pumped in melee and others in weight. Go to a mountain and collect with melee anky and put in weight ankys. Easy metal.

2. Mid game tame a paracer and place ramps to its back and fill the rest with ceilings. Cover the back end with walls and place ankys on the paracer. More ankys at a time and faster and you can encumber them for moar metal. Keep an argy to pick up fallen ankys.

3. Quetzal and anky. Needs 2 people but oh well. Place ramps on quetzal and have the anky pumpe melee only. The driver will hold down attack button. Quetzal will "scoop" anky with ramp and guide to metal. Repeat until anky don't harvest metal.

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