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Very useful for gathering black pearls cuz not only can you get black pearls from them, you can use the rage effect to lure all eurypterids in a fairly large radius out of hiding and kill them for even more black pearls. I recommend using a basilosaurus to do this cuz you will most likely get gangbanged by a bunch of anglers and eels after attacking an ammonite. The wide aoe of the Basilo allows you to hit anything from well in front of its mouth to just behind its butt, so you can kill everything around you by just sitting there and spamming attack. They are also immune to eel and jellyfish stun attacks. Once I was collecting black pearls on my lvl 260 Basilo when I got swarmed by a tuso a mosasaur 4 plesiosaurs 2 dunkleoteus 5 eels 10 anglers a few eurypterids and a few more jellyfish. I killed all of them and only lost 2K out of my 21K health and my Basilo only had a basic primitive saddle.

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