Hello again, fellows of Dododex

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Hello again, fellows of Dododex

It’s Sovereign Spino again. I’ve been reading through the messages here regarding the issue you seem to have with the FDFC. Following that, there are several concerns and questions that I have involving some of the things I’ve seen.

First off, you (Ben) keep mentioning that the community “needs to break free from the past and move forward.” However what you’re doing isn’t moving your community forward, it’s just trying to erase the past. If you want to move on, you don’t actually need to attempt to slander us to do so.

Second, the prospect of invites in Dododex was proposed, sure, but if you’d have looked through ANY other part of the FDFC’s past you might’ve noticed that pretty much anything DTG says is going to happen, doesn’t happen.

Third, one thing you’ve repeated in the discord is that you don’t really care what other people say, but the other writers might. Keyword, might. You need to stop getting offended on others’ behalf, and allow them to actually decide for themselves what they think is offensive to them or not. I’m not sure what possessed you to be so adamant in the approach that you have taken, but there is very little doubt in my mind that you’ve haven’t done this purely out of the good of your own heart. Maybe it’s publicity you want, maybe it’s to get the writers to rally around you as a center point, I don’t know.

What I do know is that you’re taking unnecessary routes to achieve your means. If moving forward is what you want, then move forward. You had absolutely no reason to get involved with the FDFC. You have the option still to back out, and go about your ways peacefully. Proceed wisely


Sovereign Spino

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