Accessing report file 1

code name snail

entry one: the achatina is a snail like creature they are located in the deadly swamps of the island they are the base prey and often are killed by the lethal creatures of the biome

entry two: the achatina is a slow non hostile creature and is tamed by veggie cakes it has three special traits when at low health the snail will retreat into its shell this will cease the attackers will lose agro and should any snail killers attack it they will deal very low amounts of damage also they can be picked up by survivors and the final trait is when mobile they will generate organic polymer and cementing paste this is why they are valuable creatures

entry three: when attempting to obtain this creature there are several strategies that will sufice grabbing them with a flying creature to take them to a safer place is the best option when at your home you can make an area to keep them from moving and either tame them or leave them wild and take the paste they make

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