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Sic Semper Tyrannis part IV

Decimus:Hey guys, what about Antony?


Decimus:Antony is Caesar’s right hand man. So if Caesar dies and he declares a state of emergency there will be problems.

Cassius:Well, since we’re talking about other people what about Lepidus? He isn’t in Rome but he has a legion on Tiber island.

Decimus:Kill them too!

Brutus:No we will not!

This split the conspirators down two lines. The Ex Caesarians with Brutus and the Ex Pompeians with Cassius.

Brutus:Ok look look, we aren’t REVOLUTIONARIES we aren’t overthrowing the government. We are restoring it! We are doing the opposite! We are removing a tyrant, and you are talking about a purge. Caesar is our target, when he’s dead everything is easier.

Cassius:Ok, fine. No purges, just Caesar.




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