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Wow….this is inactive, but I’m also happy that so many ppl like my story.

So thank you all for that, it really means a lot, in light of the hate we fanfictioners are receiving in story sections, dyes, even silver dye, our home, it is refreshing to know some people still like stories even if I’m very inconsistent in my schedule, I will post another chapter, I just don’t know what should happen next. I’ll try to write one at some point however, thank you all for supporting this story, and thank you, to Apex and Ryukenmaxximus who inspired me to write, I was once just a generic fan but they inspired me to tell my stories. So to fans who read this, write if you want to, ignore the hate in silver dye, we always accept new fanfictioners and need them.

It’s been a wild ride, but I would do it again in a heartbeat, you’re all so amazing. Thank you.


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