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My old main server was a peaceful place. Sure, I was in the alpha tribe, and only fools would try to attack us, but it was lovely.

Then the Yuty was added.

Suddenly, we were being pushed away from our grand title. Our dinosaurs were scared and soon our best Dino’s were reduced to cowardly balls of shame.

The Yuty always found us. Hidden Lake, Icebergs, even the Herbivore Island were never safe. We couldn’t adapt. Soon, our tribe was nothing, and the other tribes were duking it out to be the top.

We moved to scorched, but the mountains were full of them. Soon, no one even bat an eye when we were mentioned.

So, we moved to Abberation. A small base on the side of the lake gave us sanctuary. No Yutys seen since. But we’re happy.

But we always remember the time before the Yuty. Always.

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